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  • Cacao Organic Coconut Yogurt
  • Cacao Organic Coconut Yogurt

Cacao Organic Coconut Yogurt

by Born Cultured


4.32 (5)

  • Is Cacao Organic Coconut Yogurt vegan? Yes! Cacao Organic Coconut Yogurt is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN
  • Carbon impact iconSaved 64%

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29 November 2019
As a French, yoghurt is part of my daily diet.

It’s not easy to find a

dairy alternative brand of good quality/taste and filling enough (AND with a price that doesn’t go through the roof 💸💸💸).

I am used to flavoured yoghurt like chocolate or caramel. In Singapore I struggle to find such products. I am soooo happy I tried this one. It tastes DELICIOUS. It’s super creamy, almost like a mousse, and you can taste the yoghurt flavour as if it was dairy + the cocoa taste is there.

I consider it a luxury product because of its price ($18) but am happy I can indulge once in a while with this.

Thank you @delphinesupanya for making me discover this 🥰😄

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So creamy and tasty and pure goodness! I prefer the natural and vanilla bean flavours

but this is GOOD!!! Amazing with granola and fruits and hemp seeds and whatever you feel like! Bought at Little Farms Tanjong Pagar $18.95 for 500gr.

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Seems i review all born cultured products still - my favourite is the vanilla bean

flavour - this cacao one is not quite right for me at this moment.

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