Power Shake Hazelnut Latte

by BOL
4.45 (4)

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Great if you’re on the move and are after something that fills you, and has

a bit of coffee. I dont particularly like coffee with milk, or milk with coffee, but this one isn’t too bad. And it’s not overly sweet either, just the sweetness from dates and bananas I believe, which is good. I do find it’s quite heavy and thick though, so I have this over a multiple sittings, but it probably makes a good meal on its own. #nuts #coffee #hazelnutlatte #breakfast #breakfastsmoothie

Okay, I REALLY liked this flavour! 🌰☕️ It was smooth and nutty and had a

pleasant strong coffee flavour (stronger than I thought, it contains 1 shot of espresso). They ARE very expensive at £3.50 in Tesco but I regularly spend more than that on a cup of coffee and this also has enough nutrients to count as a meal, so when I compare the two it doesn’t seem so bad. Also, 20g of protein! I might wait til I get some Clubcard vouchers and spend it on these. So yummy and satisfying! #coffee #hazelnut #smoothie #protein

I sometimes buy this when I am too rushed to make a proper breakfast, but

still want calories. It does have an impressive amount of nutrition.

It’s a nice-tasting smoothie but for me lacks something sweet, so I do prefer the other vanilla-flavoured shake they have.
It is very, very thick.


20g Protein✅
1 Shot of Espresso✅
26 Vitamins & Minerals✅
No added sugars✅

Thick, creamy, not overly sweet… I

love this one

I struggle getting enough food in and with meals so this is an absolutely amazing for me

And the bottle is glass so can be used again and again…
Brilliant Product

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