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Almond Milk Original

by Blue Diamond
4.39 (88)
  • Is Almond Milk Original vegan? Yes! Almond Milk Original is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN
  • Carbon impact iconSaved 22%

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Most helpful reviews

I don’t drink almond milk, but hubby has it for breakfast lunch & dinner. #aloha

Great taste and admittedly a #staple, however I know almonds are a very water-intensive crop

so relying on almond milk as a go-to dairy alternative is definitely not a smart move for the environment. Oat milk seems to be the best option for this!

Since this almond milk is unsweetened it is quite bitter and doesn’t taste very nice,

I don’t use it except for in a smoothie or mixed in to my oats/porridge. Apart from the taste, it’s very accessible and pretty cheap :).

The carton isn't as eye-catching as some of what the competitors produce, but it's a

solid #almondmilk product, where the taste is neither too nutty nor too sweet, with the texture obliging and easy to work with. I mainly use it as the base for my chocolate drinks 😋

#ditchdairy 🙂

La encontré a precio especial en Chedraui así que decidí comprarla. Me pareció muy dulce,

creo que estuvo mejor la que no viene con azúcar añadida y el sabor me pareció muy fuerte. En licuado sabe bien porque se pierde un poco el sabor con la fruta pero para un café con leche por ejemplo si le gana totalmente el sabor. Estuvo bien para salir del apuro pero creo que la única leche de esta marca que me ha gustado mucho es la de chocolate 😅 #veganisnotscary

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