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Mazzaveg a Fette

by Bio Vegeatal


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  • Is Mazzaveg a Fette vegan? Yes! Mazzaveg a Fette is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN
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13 April 2020
Mozzarella vegetale biologica a fette a base di legumi e senza glutine: molto simile al

gusto della mozzarella si scioglie bene

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Ottima alternativa vegan al formaggio filante per la pizza, piadine, focaccia e panini. Buono anche

crudo! Lo proverò sicuramente anche per la versione vegana della "mozzarella in carrozza".

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Pizza, pizza, pizza 🍕

As a tradition, every Sunday evening, we make pizza (in the

picture our personal favorite: mozzarella, potatoes and onions).

When I went vegan, it took me a bit of time to understand how to substitute cheese. I know, I know, marinara is still a good option, but just... not quite my thing.

I want to share which is, as for now, my favorite cheese combination for pizza. The first layer is made of my homemade cashew mozzarella. The recipe is the following:
- 100g cashews
- 150ml vegetable milk or, if you want it to be creamier, veg cooking cream
- ~100ml of water
- 15-20g of tapioca starch
- About 5g of vinegar
- Nutritional yeast ~ 1tbs
- Some MSG, salt, a bit of dried garlic
- a tiny bit of miso paste

I blend everything and I then put the cream in a pan, stirring continuously until it gets stringy. At this point I just put it on my pizza pasta.

Time for the second layer: MozzaVeg! You may also use it by itself, but I usually prefer to use just a little bit because it is still a processed food, not exactly helathy. But God. I wonder why aren't we all talking about it! I promise that if you try a piece of it when cold, by itself, it tastes like actual mozzarella (and it melts perfectly)! It's so good!
I buy it at Natura Sì.

#abillionlove #pizza

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Thin slices based on lentils perfect to replace mozzarella. I've used them to realize gnocchi

alla sorrentina. They melt easily in the oven and have a great taste!

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