Banging Bhaji Loaded Fries

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About the brand

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Most helpful reviews

I liked this product, I hadn't heard of this before and I always get excited

when I see new vegan products or brands.
Fries a curry sauce and bhaji pieces not bad for a quick meal.

Tasty last minute meal… easy and defo will eat again!

Usually I'm a huge fan of Biff's products, but this has to be the most

vile thing I've eaten from them. The masala is vile, it tastes as if they only added cumin powder and no other seasoning. The fries did not go crispy even though I strictly followed the instructions, leaving me with soggy fries that tasted horrendous. Bought this on discount, and after eating them I wouldn't have even accepted them if they were free. Almost £5 for this is outrageous!!!

I usually adore Biff's (dishes from the restaurant and their jackfruit products) but this was

inedible, in my opinion. The fries were extremely soggy (despite baking for longer than required) and the coating sauce was flavourless and generally awful. To make matters worse, it's £4.50 - definitely not worth it at all, especially as far as frozen fries go.

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