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  • Gochujang 500g
  • Gochujang 500g

Gochujang 500g

by Bibigo


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7 September 2021
A super versatile ingredient. Plus, this gochujang has more of an authentic taste than other

gochujang pastes found in supermarkets.

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One of the most beloved korean chili pastes. It's sticky and salty besides having an

amazing fermented chili kick. Love adding to cooking or dipping sauces! Added reference pictures to a few dishes I made 😊
This one is already vegan and made of different grains along with peppers and aromatics like onion and ginger. I find it is worth the money because it lasts a long time and stores well in the fridge. A small teaspoon (or tablespoon rather for the spice lovers 🤝) goes a long way!

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