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Come on bert

by Bedda


3.49 (42)

  • Is Come on bert vegan? Yes! Come on bert is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN
  • Carbon impact iconSaved 80%

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15 September 2022
The inside part of this cheese is really good but the outside not that much.

I was expecting better, but maybe I just forgot how the mouldy cheese tastes like. Overal it is good. 😍🤩🌱💚

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Incredibly similar to Camembert both in appearance and taste! 24gr of fat but only 2gr

are saturated fats. Price: 3.99€ (even a bit cheaper than other veg cheeses) - so recommended! I couldn’t believe it was totally plant-based when I took the first bite!

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My parents brought back some food from their vacation for me and my brother. I

have had better vegan camembert. The texture is not bad, even though it is not like camembert. The taste is meh. It doesn't have much flavour and it tastes a bit chemical. I think it would be good on a sandwich, but not something I would put on a snack platter. #camembert #bedda #meh #vegancheese

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This #vegancheese (mold cheese actually) is really interesting because although I think it tastes somehow

weird, I also think I tastes very good, weird-good somehow. One of the main ingredient is raps oil, so maybe that’s why. Nonetheless I buy it on a regular basis (always thinking of it as being weird but still good when I’m in the supermarket lol). I would say try it yourself and make up your own mind about it.

#vegan #veganisnotscary #goveganfortheanimals #veganfortheanimals #cowmilkisforcalves

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