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  • Fruit Rolls Raspberry
  • Fruit Rolls Raspberry

Fruit Rolls Raspberry

by Bear


4.32 (17)

  • Is Fruit Rolls Raspberry vegan? Yes! Fruit Rolls Raspberry is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN
  • Carbon impact iconSaved 43%

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13 January 2022
My kiddos loved these in SA so I’m happy to see i can get them

easily in the shops here, too 🥳

Two little dried fruit rolls in a pack, so perfect for sharing between my two boys. They love to unroll them and pretend they’re worms or snakes 🐍

Only one card included, so they take turns with who gets it. This range of cards features different countries and their flags. Great excitement to get a Netherlands card the other day 🤩 🇳🇱 🌷🚲

#greytonfarmanimalsanctuary #kidapproved

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Amazing natural taste with no added sugar, clearly stated as vegan. My kids love it!

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Gently #driedfruit rolls with #apples, #pears and #raspberry and black carrot extract.
Even though I

much more prefer these #fruits in their natural form, this product is very fun, contains a card with a game made for #kids, but a nice surprise for anyone😄 Tastewise it’s nothing special, to be honest I’m not sure if children nowadays would like it.
#plasticpackaging #healthysweets #fruitsnacks #natural #glutenfree #nutfree
Found in #maxima

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These are yummy, just like fruit leather. The rolls are thick, sweet and use natural

ingredients and no artificial colors or extra sweeteners. They are still not the best for you because the sugar is highly concentrated and it's sticky so it sticks to your teeth and can cause cavities, but it's a better alternative to some of the other chewy snacks. Each fruit roll comes with a cute little card.


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I expected more from this bunny James box item. It's seriously hard to go wrong

with fruit, but again this one was just sad and dry... Pretty much got stuck to my teeth the more I tried to chew it, and the ingredients are so simple, you're better off just making something like this at home. Whenever I see this stuff in stores anyway it's always way more expensive than the generic brand, and that's what's really sad... It's better to just invest in a dehydrator if you don't have one. Making dried fruit snacks at home is way more tasty and rewarding. And listen BEAR, the collectible card idea is cute and all, but I don't believe kids will buy into those when the snack isn't enjoyable. Seems like a waste of paper, making your Eco packaging kind of pointless.

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