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  • Mac with Chickpea Pasta
  • Mac with Chickpea Pasta

Mac with Chickpea Pasta

by Banza


4.05 (21)

  • Is Mac with Chickpea Pasta vegan? Yes! Mac with Chickpea Pasta is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN
  • Carbon impact iconSaved 80%

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27 April 2022
So I had to legit switch the game up on my kids and grandkids with

this one. They love Mac & Cheese…and this did not disappoint! This was a great buy and I’d definitely recommend it. #banza #blacktexanvegan

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Whole Foods had this item on sale & I decided to try it. SO glad

I did!!! Very much amazed at how incredibly delicious this is!! I made it with Oatly & Earth Balance butter

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Always ready to try a new vegan mac&cheeze. This one was okay, I added lots

of vegan butter to it, so it turned out creamier and better than just basic. Price was $1.49 at Discount Grocery. I would buy it again at that price. 🌱💛🌱

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