Plant-Based Cheese Alternative

  • Is Plant-Based Cheese Alternative vegan? Yes! Plant-Based Cheese Alternative is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN
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Introducing Plant-Based Cheese Alternative - the perfect snack for those who miss the taste of cheese but want to make a compassionate choice. Made with coconut oil, this delicious cheese alternative is a source of calcium and vitamin B12, making it a nutritious option for all.With a texture similar to medium firm cheese and a taste that's sure to satisfy, this vegan cheese alternative is perfect for those who miss the taste of cheese. And with a slight tang and a very buttery aftertaste, it's sure to remind you of your favorite dairy cheese.But that's not all - this cheese alternative is also perfect for those who want to make a compassionate choice. Made without the exploitation or killing of cows or calves, it's a great option for those who want to make a difference in the world.So why wait? Try Plant-Based Cheese Alternative today and experience the delicious taste of cheese without the guilt. It's perfect for snacking, and with a price of $12.99 for 32 pieces, it's easy to share with friends and family. Don't miss out on this delicious and compassionate choice.

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Most helpful reviews

La déception totale 😞 😓 😩 il y a quelques mois j'avais vu un compte

rendu des Baby Bels vegan et j'étais tellement exaltée...j'espérais vivement les retouver même en Suisse, et alors imaginez ma joie quand j'y suis tombée dessus totalement au me sentais une gamine devant ses cadeaux de Noël 🎄 et je n'ai pas pu résister : comme je suis sortie du supermarché, j'ai ouvert le paquet et pris un de ces précieux petits fromages 🧀 vegans....mais hélas, le goût ! J'ai eu l'impression de manger de la margarine en forme plus solide... 😢 je n'aime pas donner des mauvaises évaluations juste parce que je n'ai pas apprécié la saveur du produit, peut-être d'autres personnes les aiment bien. Mais comme il s'agit d'un producteur énorme, je me peux pas m'en passer ici et j'espère que la recette sera améliorée en futur. En tout cas, ce fromage est à base de huile de coco, du coup aussi indiqué pour qui ne peut pas manger les amandes etc., et contient du #calcium et de la #vitamine B12. Le coco n'étant pas un gras trop sain, il faudrait éviter une consommation excessive (moi, je l'évite ahahah).
Mon copain n'a pas été si déçu que moi 😅 et dire que la production fromagère est une spécialité suisse 😆
#coconut #vegancheese #plantbasedfood #dobetter #babybel

Finally managed to find these!

I’ve tried these hot and cold.

When cold they smell like cream

cheese but kind of taste like margarine, maybe a little sweet, the taste grew on me as I ate it though. Texturally it’s creamy, soft, and smooth.

To test it hot I wrapped it in some seasoned mince and air fried it. It melts really well although is a little liquid-y. I don’t think it would brown if it were on-top of something. It tasted the same as when cold though.

I’m not sure I’d buy them again. Babybel is expensive anyway but these are almost twice the price (per Babybel) compared to the dairy alternative. I’m glad I tried them for nostalgia sake but I’d rather spend my month on better cheese for snacking and cooking.

#babybel #vegancheese #cheese #snacks

My childhood treat is back!! I used to love unwrapping the red wax seal, but

now it's in a green wax seal. This aHHmazing cheese tastes exactly like the classic Babybel. Creamy taste, perfect texture, and delicious flavor! I was also pleasantly surprised to find that the bag they come in is made entirely from paper and the green wax is 100% recyclable too. Vegan Babybel will definitely be a staple in my house!! 💚


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