Original Pancake and Waffle Mix

by Aunt Jemima
4.25 (4)
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Most helpful reviews

Do not be fooled 🧇🍁 aunt J’s waffle mix doesnt need eggs. ✅ you can

have vegan waffles ✅ you can put ice cream on them ✅ and it doesn’t even need to be your bday.

#veganisnotscary #mhm 🥰 #chezxdarrenx

“add milk and eggs” was a concept concocted by betty crocker for “homemakers” in 1950’s

america to feel the illusion of “actually” baking 😜😜 this mix is accidentally vegan... just add your choice of mylk to ur desired consistency and let it rip. add fruit and/or cinnamon if you wanna live. “add eggs” is dairy industry propaganda! thank u for coming to my cooking show lol #veganisnotscary #chezxdarrenx

This pancake mix is vegan but you need to make it a little differently to

make the finished product vegan. I used soy milk and a mashed banana in place of milk and egg. It was yummy!! #luvinarms

I’m too lazy to make my own pancake mix so I usually use the store

bought ones and use almond or soy milk and a flax egg.

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