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3 February 2021
When I got this can of banana blossom from Asda I was not sure of

what to do with it. I had banana blossom in a burger in 2019 but couldn’t remember what it tasted like... only thing I knew was it’s mainly used to replace fish in recipes. 🐟

After browsing the internet in search of a good recipe, I didn’t want to make “fish and chips” cause I don’t like to cook deep fried stuff. So I found the crabless cakes recipe from “Yup It’s Vegan”, and changed a couple of things, like I added in wakame seaweed and capers (brine+capers) for the “fishy flavour”. 🌊

Did it work? Did they taste like fish? No, lol. Did they taste good? Hell yes! 😋
Compared to jackfruit, of which I’m not a fan as it tastes sourish to me, banana blossom has a more neutral flavour and it really depends on how you marinate and cook it. My crabless cakes tasted really nice, especially accompanied with fresh lemon. I truly recommend you to give it a try, it may be a game changer in your kitchen! 👩🏻‍🍳

Can came for £1.

I took this professional looking photo to show @abillion10 that I was a worthy iPhone 12 winner and love to take nice pictures 😜😜

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