Country Vegetable & Cashew Nut Roast

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Most helpful reviews

I had this on Sunday with Kale & the first of my green beans from

my garden. It was vey tasty. It comes with its own baking tray which is recyclable as is the outer box. The only drawback is the plastic bag the contents are in.

These are delish. There are a few different flavours. Contents come in sachet, you mix

with water and put into oven in the baking tray in box. I am not a big fan of nut roasts and I really enjoyed this.

Wasn’t expecting a lot from this but wanted to try it as most nut roasts

have nuts in that I’m allergic to. It was ok, had a fair bit of flavour but quite dry and found there were too many hard peanut pieces in. Nut roast might not be for me! Really quick and easy to make though.

Nice and salty but a little dry as with all nut roasts usually apparently haha.

First time trying nut roast.

Júe mì - secret (watching Matian XD)


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