Dairy Free Parmesan Alternative

by Angel Food
3.97 (7)
  • Is Dairy Free Parmesan Alternative vegan? Yes! Dairy Free Parmesan Alternative is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN
  • Carbon impact iconSaved 80%

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Most helpful reviews

Utterly delicious parmesan alternative, best I have found so far. Full of umami flavours and

adds that ooomph to dishes just like parmesan does. I dare say it’s even better than parmesan 👀 My dog is also obsessed with it, I do not feed it to him, but every time I open the packet he appears out of nowhere 🤣

I have been slacking a lot in reviews, have a huge backlog from vegan meals

that I had... I digress, so today I decided to try my hand at asparagus pasta, cracked open a new box of barilla linguine and cooked it with asperagus, olive oil, shallots and chilli flake spice. Then top it off with this amazing vegan pamesan, probably the best vegan cheese I have had so far. The girlfriend loved it so much too, I am so glad for these products, they really do elevate the dish to the next level, that's one more vegan meal I cook and one less dining out in terrible italian restaurants around here. ✌️

Probably not the first #dairyfree product you want to introduce to your omni friends (I’d

leave that to their amazing cream cheese). On my first go I found it slightly sour compared to my memory of dairy Parmesan, but I believe in time my taste buds will adapt (just as they have to coconut yogurt, which I also found strange at first). It does add extra flavour to your #plantbased meatballs.
#veganisnotscary #veganin2023 #ditchdairy

I never cared for regular #parmesan so I thought if it were a #vegancheese that’d

be worth a shot. As of right now, I can say #veganparmesan isn’t my favourite but it ain’t bad… 🤔

I couldn’t resist trying it the most obvious way first which was directly on my pizza. Tasting it head on, it does a good job getting close to the real thing 😮 The smell is pretty close too but it’s physical consistency is unnaturally powdery. It also lacked saltiness but I forgot if that’s how it’s supposed to be. From there, the only move left was allowing it to reborn in #cheese sauce. So… I had it with my chicken baked rice and an extra weird pasta fusion I decided to go a little mad scientist on 🤓

Another treasurable gift I don’t have a price tag for 🫱

It’s an immensely commendable copy of Parmesan. Worth a go if that’s your cheese 👏

This is a pretty good parmesan. Very fine (which i like). Most similar to 'Follow

your heart' parmesan. I much prefer these finer ones than the 'shredded' type 🧀

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