Amy’s No Chicken Noodle

by Amy’s
4.40 (40)
  • Is Amy’s No Chicken Noodle vegan? Yes! Amy’s No Chicken Noodle is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN
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About the brand

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Most helpful reviews

This was good but I was just slightly disappointed. The flavor isn’t what I expected,

it’s more on the veggie side rather than a classic chicken noodle flavor. The tofu actually looks like chicken which is crazy! And the noodles are perfect. It’s a great vegan alternative but not my favorite. 💲3 at Walmart

#soup #vegansoup #amys

It’s just like classic chicken noodle. I find it indistinguishable and I loved classic chicken

noodle soup as a child.


#govegan I really loved my soup for the first time when I just recently

purchased this and actually ate it directly from the can without warming it! Not too salty, fresh herb seasoning, and the tiny meaty chunks were delicious 🤤!

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