Soya Milk Unsweetened

by Alpro
4.38 (122)
  • Is Soya Milk Unsweetened vegan? Yes! Soya Milk Unsweetened is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN
  • Carbon impact iconSaved 60%

About the brand

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Most helpful reviews

Pretty pleased with this soy milk!
The texture is nice, it is decently thick, though a

bit more fluid compared to their flavoured soy milks. It has a nice amount of foam when shaken.

It has a #soy taste of course, but it isn’t super strong. Doesn’t make your meals taste like soy, I have used it in my mashed potatoes and oatmeal, as well as hot chocolate and it worked well!
It has no bitter aftertaste like their #unsweetened almond milk.

Drinking it plain, I don’t think it is great but I don’t like unsweetened drinks so I don’t feel like I can hold that againt the product.
At least it doesn’t taste too bad since it has no bitterness or aftertaste!

Very versatile for both sweet and savoury dishes and good to have on hand!
I usually struggle a bit to use up a whole bottle of unsweetened #milk within 5 days, but since this made good hot chocolate I found an easy use!
I do still wish some plant milks were available in smaller packages like 0.5L

Like all of Alpro’s #mylk products it has a packaging that is made of 89% #plantbased materials and it is #recyclable.
It has added calcium, B2, B12 and D2 #vitamins.
The soy is also rainforest-free

💵Got it on sale at Spar for 20 NOK which is a good deal, regular price is ~29 NOK which is still more affordable than a lot of Alpro’s other #milkalternatives.

I would repurchase!

#ditchdairy #plantmilk #soymilk #veganmilk #teamsoy

Decided to try this brand since my usual brand wasn't in stock at the store.

Seems like a good product, reasonable consistency and no issues with taste. This was a bit pricey for a soya milk as it was close to the almond milk price.

Alpo is my favorite Soya Milk. Have to use it within days mentioned, have found

that mine got really thich after not using it a few days. Great source of protein and Calcium.
#veganisnotscary 🦄
#dairyisscary 🐄

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