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by Alpro


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  • Is Schokolade vegan? Yes! Schokolade is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN
  • Carbon impact iconSaved 80%

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23 April 2021
Ich trinke das gerne in der Pause, bei der Arbeit.
Am Sommertagen liebe ich es

richtig kalt zu genießen

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Auch ein absoluter Klassiker! Ich glaube selbst als ich nicht ganz Vegetarier war habe ich

die schon gekauft.

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a very good soy-based chocolate mylk. It tastes really chocolaty but is not too sweet.

I will definitely buy this one again! #chocolatelover #chocolatedrink #soymilk

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i sometimes crave chocolate milk, and i havent found the trick to do it at

home yet. so a small portion is good to enjoy shocoly milky

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Bought spontaneously for my daughter. We're both a fan :D Very sweet, chocolate taste. Mostly

I can taste when something's based on soy (not the biggest fan of the rather "bitter" taste), but here? Not really. So another plus. If you like it sweet, definitely buy it.

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