Plant-based Baristas Almond/Mandel Caffe

by Alpro
4.18 (65)
  • Is Plant-based Baristas Almond/Mandel Caffe vegan? Yes! Plant-based Baristas Almond/Mandel Caffe is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN
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Most helpful reviews

Buonissimo caffè con latte di mandorla, cicoria e carrube. Zuccherato al punto giusto per i

miei gusti cioè non troppo

Brazillian coffee with #almondmilk! I think it’s supposed to be a type of #latte. It

contains 53% coffee.

This review is gonna be pretty useless, I picked up these to try but I really don’t like #coffee.

It’s not super strong tasting for a coffee. You can taste that traditional flavour of the #almond milk. It has a strong nuttiness to it as well, but the bitterness of the coffee still comes through. So it really just ends up having a taste of burnt #nuts to me, not great. It has some sugar in it, but it doesn’t taste sweet.

Texture is very watery with some light foam on the top, not really any creaminess to it at all. Not very surprising considering almond milk is very fluid.

The product is #palmoilfree and #glutenfree. The coffee is #rainforestalliance certified. It is also #recyclable. I really enjoy the design, very pretty!

💵~29 NOK at Spar.

#alpro #vegancoffee #caffe #vegandrinks #arabicacoffee #onthego

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