Pecan Nuts

by Alesto
4.70 (6)
  • Is Pecan Nuts vegan? Yes! Pecan Nuts is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN
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With this photo not only I want to tell you that the pecan nuts by

Alesto are the best, but I want also you to know that a Christmas without cruelty is something special💫 I want to thank @abillion10 for the challenge #veganin2020 and I wish I will win something, in any case I’m glad to have contributed to give money to rescued animals❣️ Have a happy and vegan Christmas with people you love❣️🌱
#veganchristmas #veganin2020 #abillionveg #happyholidays

Good quality bag of Pecan nuts from Lidl, excellent value - so glad I discovered

them, saves me a fortune compared to buying from other supermarkets!! 💚🌱

Nueces pecanas, deliciosas y desconocidas por estos lares pero perfectas para tartas, brownies o comerlas

tal cual. Vienen en envase de plástico, pero me cuesta encontrarlas a granel #veganisnotscary #santuariovacaloura

These are so good, they are always crunchy and fresh. I them as dessert sometimes,

sometimes as a salad topping, but they are also really good after 15 minutes in the oven.

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