Fishless fingers

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  • Is Fishless fingers vegan? Yes! Fishless fingers is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN

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I would 100% buy these again. Can’t tell you if they are close in flavour

to real fish fingers because I can’t remember, but they aren’t too fishy flavoured, and I liked that.
The breadcrumbs are crunchy on the outside, and the texture of the ‘fish’ is nice, bit strange, doesn’t flake like I remember real fish flaking- but perfect on a sandwich with pickles and ketchup!!

yum!! these fishless fingers were lovely and something that is missed, fish!!
tasted no different


There are no many fishless fingers around, and so far I tried: Quorn (good), Iceland

(terrible) and these from Aldi. Have to say that the best fish-like products belong to Linda McCartney honestly (never tried Gardein, I know they’re good though), but as far as I know they don’t have fishless fingers...

These ones are okay, good enough. Quorn is better but they definitely taste better than Iceland’s, which I remember with horror. Taste is quite fishy, although consistency is a little too firm for being fish-like in my opinion.

Too much plastic for 8 fingers! (In my bag there were 9 anyway!). Couldn’t they use a carton box like for the other products?
At least price is fair, £1.49.

Don’t think I’ll buy them again anyway...

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Probably the best ‘fish’ fingers I have tried. Delicious in a sandwich.

Great new addition to Aldi’s ever growing Plant Menu range. Similar taste to what I

remember dish fingers tasting like. Sort of strange consistency, not as I expected. And I would have preferred if they came in a recyclable box instead of the plastic packaging as the packet is so huge for what’s in there.

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