Parsley seed Facial Cleanser

by Aēsop
4.67 (3)

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Most helpful reviews

The parsley seed facial cleanser (apparently their signature collection) is my recent favorite cleanser.


had a soft herbal scent that feels fresh and floral. I’m always a huge fan of the scents from Aesop. There’s something about their smell that just makes all your skincare routine so enjoyable :)

I like gel cleansers in general especially for the humid weather in Singapore. It is really gentle and smooth on the skin but still cleanses my skin well without any gross/sticky feelings, and most importantly, my skin feels super refreshed.

I only tried the sample but definitely getting the full size next time. It deep

cleans your skin leaving no trace of make up at all without leaving the skin dry. #abillionxkinder

Todas las cosas de está marca me parecen muy originales y tienen un aroma mega

Me gustan mucho sus productos.
En Arg es importada.

🌍All the things from this brand seem very original to me and have a mega intense aroma.
I really like their products.


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