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  • Plant Based Probiotic Yogurt Vanilla
  • Plant Based Probiotic Yogurt Vanilla

Plant Based Probiotic Yogurt Vanilla

by Activia


4.42 (9)

  • Is Plant Based Probiotic Yogurt Vanilla vegan? Yes! Plant Based Probiotic Yogurt Vanilla is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN
  • Carbon impact iconSaved 64%

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25 May 2022
Thank you #Activia for this yummy vanilla yogurt. Hope there are more flavours coming

to my area. Definitely purchasing again. Priced right at 8 pk for 4.99$ at Sobeys.

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Love that plant-based yogourt. Love the thick consistency. Love the taste. It contains "a billion"

probiotics per serving as well as 3g of proteins. Here with fresh strawberries for a snack at work.

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i love this yogurt! i’ve been looking for a good plant based yogurt and i’ve

finally found one that i love! it’s a bit expensive so i’ll only be buying it if it’s in sale

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This is one of my first vegan yogurt that I tried. I was so excited

when I saw them at the grocery store because I always loved activia yogurts. To be honest I wasn’t sure if I liked them at my first taste last week, but now after having eating some I don’t find them that bad and I kind of liked them. I think I just needed time to get use to them cause the taste is not exacly the same as the dairy one, but they are still good. On the other hand the texture resembles a lot the original.

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Absolutely love this yogurt! The vanilla is a true vanilla taste and does not taste

artificial at all. Great creamy taste - my favourite plant based yogurt currently

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