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Week 9 has officially arrived, marking the grand finale of #veganisnotscary! 🎉 And guess what? We're pulling out all the stops for an extra-special giveaway. Hold onto your hats because PETA's very own Poorva Joshipura is offering 10 signed copies of her latest book 'Survival at Stake: How Our Treatment of Animals Is Key to Human Existence.' This outstanding read, with a foreword by United Nations Environment Programme Goodwill Ambassador Dia Mirza, dives into the core of today's crises and their undeniable link to how we treat animals. As we wrap up this campaign, we reflect on the strength and goodwill within our abillion community. So who has inspired you the most? Whether it's an honest vegan product recommendation, a fleeting thought that lit up your day, or a heartwarming love story with a cute animal – it's time to shower kudos on your fellow abillion members who inspired you the most! 📣 Big shoutout to the awesome brands making Week 9 unforgettable for one more time: ADORAtherapy, YummyGums, Unconventional, RightRice® and @hopeandsesameco®, Kind Kitchen The Good Cheese, @rootedliving, VOTCH, Herbolario Bio, @rulebreakersnacks.

Who will be a #veganisnotscary winner? Buckle up for the announcement next week!

*Just a heads-up, some products might have delivery country restrictions and availability.

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