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Introducing myself to the #VWS2023 community. I'm a Brazilian living in California with my partner and kitty. I've started my vegan journey 7 years ago and it only brought me wonderful things, including an unknown passion for cooking. I'm looking forward to connecting with like-minded people and learning more about this industry. And perhaps even connecting the dots between my background in tech and user research and the vegan world. 💚

berryveganplanet Welcome @tamarabaia !! We are so happy you are here with us! This is an amazing plant 🌱 based community 🫶🏼💚🌱🥰! I can’t wait to see your food creations!1 likeReply
bigfatnyancat welcome! do show us all the kitty 🐈! #catsofabillion is where we put all our cats hahaha1 likeReply
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