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Meet Rory.
Rory was purchased on a whim when he was a young stallion. He had been sold, very irresponsibly, to a family who had no prior knowledge of horses.Initially, they rented a field for him but once the lease ran out they were asked to remove him. With nowhere else to put him, he was tied to a tree in their back garden. When we were approached to see if we could help, our yard manager was sent to evaluate the situation. Rory was three years old, an entire stallion that hadn't been able to run freely for what we were told was two weeks and there were children and dogs running freely around him. He was also covered in dog poo as he had nowhere clean to lie down.
Rory was suffering from a great deal of stress and biting anyone that went near him and to say that the situation was dangerous was a big understatement! We agreed to take him and he was signed over to us and our friends at the New Arc agreed to transport him over that same day. Once he arrived, we had him checked by our vet and we organised his first vaccines and for him to be gelded. It was hard for him to socialise with the other horses initially as he'd lived on his own for quite a time and he had to learn how to fit in. He is now very settled and is totally established In the herd! He loves his friends and is very happy with his life at Willows!

animaladvocat How can People watch someone else suffer for ages ? And the same people are surprised when I say I don’t like most humans much. 💔 so happy Rory is finally happy being himself with you. We are not aggressive when we have to live against our nature, we are desperate. Thank you for giving him his life 💟☮️🐾🌱2 likesReply
willows-animals Thank you 😊
He was so stressed and desperately lonely. I’m still surprised to this day that no one got hurt, especially when you consider all the children and dogs who were running freely around him. He’s so settled now and has a very forgiving nature.2 likesReply
animaladvocat He is a wonderful person & maybe Dogs and Kids were nice to him, he had no reason to hurt them. I always wished I could erase all the gruesome memories from all who are finally saved. I need these sticks men in black had in the movie, maybe it could erase cruelty too 🙏🏻💟☮️🐾🌱Reply
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