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I often dream of a better, kinder world. Will it ever happen? When I hear a story like Mia's, doubt sets in. Mia was a pig. A sentient being who was tortured, starved, and thrown away, like trash, barely alive.

I used to wonder how a person could do something like this. However, in a world where imprisonment, abuse, and slaughter of billions of sentient beings are considered "normal" and "humane" this is just a small step further.

Violence, abuse, and slaughter will never be normal no matter what the ones who profit from it tell you. There are alternatives and every single one of us just needs to say ENOUGH…for things to start changing for the better.

Yes, the person that did this to Mia needs to be held accountable, but in a society where we look away and ignore the systemic horrors of our "food" system, another such case is already around the corner.

Instead of trying to fix the broken system built on greed, selfishness, and dominion, we need to build one based on compassion, empathy, and kindness from scratch. If we can imagine it, it is possible. The first step is to stop supporting the wrong one.

Luckily there are many good people in the world, like the ones at Sisu Refuge sanctuary, who tried to help Mia, but it was simply too late. I hope she found her peace in another realm and I'm thankful to Sisu for doing their best.

While writing this and thinking about Mia these beautiful lyrics by Queen kept popping up in my head:

"Is this the world we created?
We made it on our own
Is this the world we devastated, right to the bone?
If there's a God up in the sky, looking down
What must he think of what we've done
To the world that he created?"

We can do so much better.

Stay kind my friends!

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maryanarch Thank you 🙏 Bubi 🐻 for your precious words of wisdom. Every word is worth millions!!! You say we have to start from scratch. I think there is a good batch of good scratch to start from within our abillion’s friends !!!! 😝 😹 🤗 🙏 💗 And with beings like you Bubi 🐻 💗 🙏 4 likesReply
bubi-the-bear Thank u as always for your love and support 💜. I just hope humans can do better...animals are not here for us 💔. Thankful for your friendship 🐻 🤗2 likesReply
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