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Meet Marmalade! He was abandoned in a busy town in 2022. Being partially sighted, this was very serious for him and he was in danger of being hit by a car and killed. He was taken in by a local vets and many attempts were made to find his owner. However, he has no microchip and no one came forward to claim him. Willows was asked to provide him the life-long home he so desperately needed. Being almost blind, feral and rather grumpy it was unlikely that he would ever find a suitable home so we said yes and started organising things for him!
Using donations, given for this purpose, we built him a Catio (a cat patio!) and now he has a lovely cabin kitted out as a home for him. He has friends who he adores and he makes little chirping noises to greet them!
When he first arrived he wasn’t keen on being friends with us and he hissed and growled and tried to attack us. We gave him all the space he needed and he is now happy to let us stroke him when he’s eating!
Since he's been at Willows he’s gone from strength to strength and we know that with enough time we will win him around completely!

animaladvocat #catsofabv #catsofabillion #abillionlove he is such a beautiful soul thank you for being his best home ever 🙏🏻💟☮️🐾🌱1 likeReply
theveganfeast What you do is incredible! Marmalade is very lucky he found his home with you!😻2 likesReply
gattaviola Amore 🧡 1 likeReply
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