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It’s raining Vegan Royale burgers from Burger King!! From now until April 10, celebrate the launch of their first meat-free restaurant in Leicester Square, London. The restaurant will be open for a limited time so be sure to head down and support this amazing initiative.

Burger King has also pledged earlier this year to become 50 per cent meat-free by 2030. We love seeing such progress among fast-food chains, and hope more restaurants move toward a future without cruel factory farming.

📸: Burger King UK

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billysnow This is pretty awesome! I'm so happy to hear about this.7 likesReply
billysnow Every tiny step is an increase in speed towards the end goal.8 likesReply
abillion We agree 🙌1 likeReply
lapao This is so #notsustainable #greenwashing. No wonder PETA is involved 7 likesReply
alexsea Non-vegan mayo? Cheese too I guess? This is the PETA-version of cruelty-free?4 likesReply
lapao What about destroying the environment for decades?? 2 likesReply
drteetee Why do they need 8 more years to go 50%? Surely in 8 years they could go fully plant-based. I’m glad that Mac Murder and their cruel twin sister BK have plant options, but they won’t get my money. Not a penny of it. 8 likesReply
alexsea If my constant criticism annoys you, at least listen to this young lady, she is so right 💯🙏💪6 likesReply
lapao I'm not glad…they'll get more money. Also the "vegans" money. Those who think being vegan has nothing to do with ethics and the environment 😁 it's pretty fried up 2 likesReply
arianemeschiatti 👏👏👏1 likeReply
kainen I think the problem is that these companies will keep going regardless or them selling meat free or vegans buying from them. I think if we or they can add a meat free product here and there and in the end wash the blood off them skillets it won't make up for the past No Way but maybe it will make a better futur in the end. I have friends who eat meat but when they go to BK they only eat the plant based Whopper and my daughter and wife eat meat but now if they have nuggets they have the plant based ones. Surely it's best to have this step forward and not stand still or step back than to do nothing at all because these companies will still be here years and years and years and years form now but hopefully they wil be selling allot more or all plant based because they and we have wanted to give the consumer a choice. And hopefully they will make the rite one. 1 likeReply
bonnann Do not eat plant based meat! It is make cancer in your body in future!!!Reply
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