Welcome Basket [Crowdfunding Exclusive]

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Welcome Basket [Crowdfunding Exclusive]

Crowdfunding Exclusive | Promo ends 31 July!

This pre-sale is part of our 30-day crowdfunding campaign for the Everyday Vegan Discount Club. Our goal is $50k (latest crowdfunding update in bio). All funds from the pre-sales of memberships goes towards inventory, expanding our product catalog, setting up a warehouse and revamping our website. Supporters of our crowdfunding campaign enjoy massive discounts on membership fees. More details below.

Everyday Vegan Discount Club is a 7-days/week, island-wide, online grocery delivery service where members get access to our entire catalog of vegan groceries at wholesale prices (20-30% off retail prices). Our mission is to make vegan essentials both accessible and affordable for everyone. The more members we have, the wider our catalog becomes and the cheaper we can sell our products. Time to empower ourselves, Everyday Vegans! Join the movement and help make vegan living an effortless choice for all.

About the Welcome Basket

Basket will be available in October 2023.
Subject to success of crowdfunding campaign.
Amount will be fully refunded if we are not successful in reaching our goal.
New to veganism? Excited about your journey to a healthier and kinder lifestyle but don't know where to start? Everyday Vegan has got you covered! We are thrilled to present our Welcome Backet, specially curated for new vegans like you!

Our Welcome Basket is more than just a bag of groceries; it's a starting point for your kindness journey. This bag is filled to the brim with a variety of high-quality, delicious vegan groceries that will help you dive into your new lifestyle with enthusiasm and ease.

Here's what you get:

A specially curated mix of vegan food and snacks that are perfect for beginners.
A surprise selection of our best-selling and most loved products to introduce you to the wonderful world of vegan food.
Exclusive discount coupons on your next purchases with Everyday Vegan Discount Club to support your vegan journey.
Our Welcome Basket is not just about products; it's about embracing a community. A community dedicated to promoting health, kindness, and respect for all beings.

Start your vegan journey with us. Order your Everyday Vegan Welcome Basket today and step into a world of flavourful possibilities!

Please note: All products in the basket are vegan and cruelty-free. We ensure to provide a variety of products in each bag, but due to the surprise nature of the basket, we cannot accommodate specific dietary restrictions or preferences beyond ensuring the products are vegan.

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