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Most helpful reviews

One of the best mala I’ve had! Great flavour - spicy and a bit numbing.

Affordable. Quite a good mix of options, especially with the mock meats! Really liked the mock chicken cutlet and mushroom mock meat.

* note: i tried the mala at the yishun zi zai vegetarian and it was really much worse than the tampines one. i’d avoid that.

I would highly recommend the vegetarian mala xiang guo!

Pick and choose whatever dish you like. We went around night time so there wasn't

many fresh vegetables left to choose.. But overall, it was great! Generous with the peanuts topping as well.

One of the best Mala Xiang Guo I have had! Wide range of selection despite

being veg!

Ordered ZZZ's mala pot at the minimum weight of 300g ($6). Not bad!

yoo their mala was so good! wide variety to choose from, the 小辣 wasnt too

spicy as well. its a little too numbing for my liking, but would still order again!

Love the mala Xiang guo . A bit too expensive but very yummy

Spiciness level was acceptable, good range of ingredients for choice. Recommended!

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