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Mee Sua Soup

by Yu Long Vegetarian Food 玉龙素食
4.40 (1)

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Yu Long Vegetarian Food 玉龙素食
Yu Long Vegetarian Food 玉龙素食11 dishes · 44 reviews

371079 Circuit Rd, 79A号邮政编码: 371079, Circuit Rd, #01-85, Singapore 371079

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Most helpful reviews

It’s such a simple dish, yet is so delicious. The broth has a really deep

flavour & it is exactly the kind that I like. It’s not incredibly creative or out of the ordinary, but it’s amazing when people do simple things well.

This bowl comes with vegetables, mushrooms, a couple pieces of mock meats. There is another option for dumpling mee sua soup, but I personally feel that this is the perfect as it is :D

They sell dumplings as well!

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