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  • Dried dumplings
  • Dried dumplings

Dried dumplings

by Yu Long Vegetarian Food 玉龙素食


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14 December 2020
The dried dumpling with some black source was super yummy. $6 the ingredients in it

tasted super yummy 😃


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A plate of veggie dumplings served with a sauce. I believe they’re handmade, but do

not quote me on this. Either ways, it’s a great dish for sharing.
Yu Long is a vegetarian dumpling stall.
The block 79a circuit road market is one veggie haven, with A large number of vegetarian stalls. A great place for the family with plenty of options for everyone.

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Good portion. The seasoning is very tasty, sweet with a light spiciness. The filling has

lots of vegetables, and the skin is not too thick.

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