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很少吃到素卤肉饭,我就想试试!这摊位也卖很多饺子🥟和面🍜。卤汁味道好香啊😋有豆腐,豆包和素猪肉。非常好吃,尤其素猪肉,像我吃素之前在家吃的。本来只给一叶菜, 多加五毛就给我四叶。原本价值只算四块,又便宜又好吃😋

*Note: they cook the soy sauce dishes in the same sauce as hard boiled

eggs, if you are particular about that.* It's a whole egg so the flavour doesn't go into the other ingredients. Ask for no egg and they'll replace it with other stuff, the mock meat was fabulous 🤤

At this hawker centre with so many vegetarian stalls I'm totally #spoiltforchoice this stall sells mainly dumplings 🥟 and noodles 🍜 but I was intrigued by this dish, which I rarely come across. Soy sauce dishes were #comfortfood! Nicely flavoured with spices, there was tofu, tau pok and vegetarian pork pieces that tasted fantastic! They always remind me of the home cooked pork pieces I had way before my veg journey. Initially it only had 1 lettuce leaf, I topped up 50 cents and got 4 leaves. Normal price $4 so cheap! #sgcheapandgood

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