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Tofu Katsu Curry

by YO! Sushi


4.47 (8)

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22 March 2019
Every vegan should try this!

It’s lovely. Really filling (though the portion doesn’t look huge - it IS filling!), the tofu is soft but the coating is nice and crunchy, the Katsu sauce is silky and tasty! #newarc

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20 November 2020
Yo!Sushi tofu katsu curry is the best katsu I’ve had.

I started eating this in 2016 and as of today it’s still my favourite. The type of tofu has changed over the years but I like the current one even more as it’s more compact. A little overpriced, I’d say, for a fairly small portion (and when you ask for the sumo bowl you only get more rice lol), but honestly so...

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25 April 2018
Tastes amazing , great value for £2.50 on a blue Monday .

Could eat this everyday for dinner . Superb !!

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13 January 2020
Amazing katsu curry quite a small portion but cheap and good to get lots of

small dishes! Amazing battered tofu! Love this place🥰

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21 March 2020
So much delicious food at Yo sushi for vegans!

And not a roll in sight 😁 make sure you order off the menu for the delicious hot food... and try the chocolate pot with a hint of miso mmmm 😋 #willows

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10 May 2019
Love this dish, great to share with other food on along with it.

28 March 2020
Really enjoy this curry, I think they changed the tofu lately to make it nicer.

I find it just as nice with pumpkin katsu #huntsabs

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4 December 2019
Was very yummy!

Definitely recommend to those in the UK

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