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JFC vegan box

by YO! Sushi


3.80 (4)

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22 December 2020
3 honest stars for this meal, I was expecting something more to be fair, but

a good mix overall.

Nuggets were tasty, fries always nice. Corn on the cob was just... corn on the cob...

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2 January 2020
This was a Christmas only special as in Japan it is tradition to eat KFC

on Christmas Day. It was so so good and I wish they did it all year round. It comes with around 10 vegan nuggets, fries with a seaweed/chili topping, sweetcorn, coleslaw, and a chilli soy sauce...

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10 January 2020
This is a Christmas special they have!

Vegan chicken nuggets are super tasty and so are the miso chips!

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10 December 2019
Limited time only.

This festive feast box flattered to deceive. There was just a handful of ‘vegan’ chicken pieces and generally the portions were small. All tasted good, including the coleslaw, corn on the cob with miso butter and...

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