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A 5 minute walk from Aljunied MRT station is a row of units belonging to

the Yes Natural brand.
The almond noodles was a surprisingly refreshing dish. Boiled noodles on a bed of raw beets, sprouts and carrots and a nutty almond sauce. Truly unique and appetising.

My fav food from here and I got it for dinner yesterday after not having

it for AGES. Lucky me to have this just below my house haha. I'm glad that they didn't raise the prices that much and the standard is still the same. The almond sauce kind of reminds me of dandan noodles which I love. There are some sprouts, shredded cucumber and carrots. Tastes really fresh and healthy!

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When they serviced the Almond Noodles, we thought we were eating

salad 🥗 hahaha!
All the vegetables were very freshly prepared, raw! It was quite okay when you ate a little bit of the noodles because the almond sauce was so thick! After 1/2 bowl, the noodles were super dried and with the heavy taste of almond, quite hard to swallow it. We couldn’t finish it 😭
Either you share with few people or request for less noodles 🤣
#almondnoodle #almond #peasprouts

Very tasty! Thought it just uses peanut butter as the dressing but no. Something even

more aromatic and nutty. Had loads of shredded cucumbers, carrots and beetroot. Many dimensions to the flavours. Love it.

Really love the sauce! It’s very creamy, flavourful and not overly salty/ sweet. The noodles

are nice and chewy too and the raw veggies go tgt well. Only gripe is the price. ~8$

This dish is sooooo yuummms. And good. And nutritious.

Finally brought myself to this eatery, even

tho tis is quite near my place..
I actually didn't expect it to be a cold dish. But it's so good so it's such a pleasant surprise.

One of those dishes that makes you feel good eating them, a perfect balance of taste n everything.

It is worthy but certainly not for people who like hot food(me). Felt like eating

grass... 😣

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