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Aloo Dum

by Yantra


3.80 (2)

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29 July 2020
I normally never order this dish at Indian restaurants because it’s super basic but given

Yantra has so few vegan options we ended up negotiating with the waiter who finally agreed that this dish was in fact vegan 🙄 Boy was I happy we got it! Aloo Dum is a super traditional Indian dish of steamed whole baby potatoes gently cooked with ground spices. The secret ingredient that makes this dish pop is hing (which in English is...

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6 March 2021
this aloo dum tasted really good and had the right level of spice (in my


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14 February 2023
Meh, smelt much nicer than it tastes.

Needed a bit more salt. Not going to re order

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