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Most helpful reviews

This a great dish from Wulf & Lamb! Really creamy and an excellent portion size.

I love big portions of pasta so this was spot on. I would order again! #veganuk #veganpasta

The sauce was very creamy and flavoursome and the vegetables cooked to perfection.

I had sat down expecting to order 'The Wulf Burger', but during my wait I

began to favour the idea of 'Creamy Linguine'. Now, I don't often order pasta as it feels like a dull choice, but then again, how many vegan burgers have I had before? Hundreds. Creamy pasta? Never (unless cooked in my own kitchen). It was described as "white wine and parmesan sauce with sliced seasonal vegetable" and on this occasion, that vegetable turned out to be long-stem broccoli, much to my total delight. A very simple but tasty meal.

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