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  • Grit Cakes And Corn Chowder
  • Grit Cakes And Corn Chowder

Grit Cakes And Corn Chowder

by Wine Ranch Grill & Cellars


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19 September 2020
Although not bad we did not feel it was worth the money. We were excited

to try this restaurant because they have a new Vegan menu. We tried the portobello mushroom club and the grit cakes with corn chowder. Both dishes lacked flavor and seasoning. The portobello mushroom club was in no way a sandwich, it was cut into small pieces and as soon as you picked it up to try and eat it like a sandwich it fell apart completely. The balsamic reduction on the side was really it’s only flavor. They did not do anything to the vegetables to enhance their flavor at all. The grit cakes were good and the chowder was OK but the greens were placed under the grit cakes so they ended up mushy wilted and had no flavor whatsoever. Last, for a ‘wine’ place they offered no Vegan wines. I certainly appreciate the effort to create a Vegan menu but I expected to see wine choices on it. Sadly, there were none.

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