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  • Vegan Chick’n Sandwich
  • Vegan Chick’n Sandwich

Vegan Chick’n Sandwich

by Willow Vegan Bistro


3.90 (4)

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20 June 2021
Really good! My boyfriend got this meal & absolutely loved it. It comes w/ choice

of fries or a salad. You also get many different options regarding what you want to season your fries with!!

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Super yummy fried Chick’n sandwich! I do wish it had a bit more sauce because

it was a little dry overall, but still really tasty. The Cajun thicc fries were awesome too!

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This vegan chicken sandwich was not too bad, quite tender on the inside and had

a nice crunch on the outside.. the purple slaw was ok, honestly I wasn’t too blown away with this dish. 6/10?

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