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  • Truffle Mac and “Cheese”
  • Truffle Mac and “Cheese”

Truffle Mac and “Cheese”

by Willow Vegan Bistro


4.64 (14)

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6 April 2023
Second review on Willow's #macandcheese , and it's still a 5 star dish! ⭐ ⭐

⭐ ⭐ ⭐

The toppings work perfectly, and it's a great meal! So cozy!

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Bac’n, chives, smoked paprika, shaved truffles, toasted panko - $18. It tastes good and can’t

tell it’s not dairy.

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This Mac and cheese were amazing! Really tasty! A bit too oily but it was

good! The price was a bit high but the place is nice and kind of fancy so I think it was worth it! I would definitely recommend this place and dish!

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Well, we dipped into this one before taking a pic because we couldn’t wait. It

was the perfect balance of creamy mac with the umami of truffle. All five of us took a hefty spoonful of this appetizer dish and there was still some left to finish it off! I also have a soft spot for mini skillets 😳

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AMAZING! Probably the best vegan mac n cheese I’ve ever had. My bf (who is

not vegan) was obsessed & amazed. They truly perfected the cheesiness that I so often miss when eating vegan mac

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Be ware, the plate is extremely hot. I got burned. Putting that aside, it is

very very tasty dish, the truffle makes it really different. So creamy.

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