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by Willow Vegan Bistro


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9 December 2022

It's my second time at Willow and it is always amazing! These #vegancalamari were great!

Made from mushrooms, this appetizer was very tasty.

If you are ever in New York, you must stop by for an amazing lunch!

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This was so delicious! It was the perfect balance of crisp on the outside, chew

on the inside, and the flavor was delicate and briny and fresh. I loved the mayo dip; the sauce was yummy, too, but the mayo really shined.

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This was incredible!! Willow is the perfect restaurant to go to whether you’re vegan or

not. Tasted identical to ‘regular’ calamari. Sauces on the side were so good too!! Would definitely order again

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Again good but not great. Really good texture. Sauces were too watery and didn’t stay

on. -Forgot to get photo but the eggplant lasagna was really good!-

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The best vegan dish I have ever tried… crazy how the make it so equal

to the calamari flavor and texture. Extremely delicious!!!!

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Delicious! It's fried, so it's obviously not the healthiest, but who eats "calamari" for health?!?!

This restaurant is a tad bit pricey, but the food is super yummy! Definitely worth trying!

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