Vegan club sarmie

by Wildsprout
4.60 (11)
  • Is Vegan club sarmie vegan? Yes! Vegan club sarmie is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN

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Most helpful reviews

Wild Sprout has opened a 2nd branch in the Constantia Village

Shopping Centre, which is GORGEOUS!
PLENTY of VG options on their new menu.
🌱 Bae and I ordered the Poke Bowl (R120) and Vegan Club Sarmie (R96, pictured above) - both superb

Absolutely outstanding option in terms of value for money, flavour and filling! Packed full of

tempeh and chicken.

This was quite a monstrous sandwich with vegan chicken, vegan bacon, vegan mozzarella and more

on it! I couldn’t finish it. It was pretty tasty if you like the Greenside Chicken fillets (tasted like that is what they used). Really liked the vegan bacon and I think next time, I will try the vegan BLT instead of the vegan club sandwich.

The Vegan Club Sarmie on toasted sourdough with vegan chicken, tofu bacon, vegan mozzarella, lettuce,

tomato and mayo. A filling winner! Love this new branch of Wild Sprout. Spacious and a great grocery section too!

Vegan chicken, tofu bacon, mozzarella, lettuce, tomato and Mayo on rye. Very tasty but I

think I maybe chose the wrong bread as it was a bit difficult to eat 😅

Really excellent vegan club sarmie. Substantial serving for R98. Excellent vegan chicken with grilled taste,

tofu bacon tomato, v mozzarella on sourdough. New favourite. Will be back.

It seems the food at Wildsprout is consistently excellent! This is made with On The

Greenside chicken which is always a good thing. My omnivore sister actually thought it was real chicken! Also my first tofu bacon ever. The flavoring makes it quite close to the real thing but still different enough that it's not spooky 😅 there are a lot of flavours in this sandwich but they work together super well. Delicious and filling.

Very nice sandwich, bigger than I had anticipated. I did not like the tofu bacon

much and the sauce was a bit odd. But the "chicken" was generous and I liked the cheese and Tom. Would order it again

The filling was yummy but the bread was rock hard and I thought R95 is

rather pricey for a sandwich

This was filling and delicious. The sourdough bread was a bit difficult to eat but

wasn't a train smash.

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