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  • Vegan breakfast croissant
  • Vegan breakfast croissant

Vegan breakfast croissant

by Wildsprout


4.17 (6)

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25 June 2022
Another great dish at wildsprout Constantia Village

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5 May 2022
The 🥐 is so delish and way too big!

Scramble was not the tastiest but ok. Fresh and ample ingredients. No complaints.

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5 June 2022
This was delicious and very filling.

The croissant was fluffy and everything was colourful. I highly recommend

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2 April 2023
One of the most amazing vegan croissants and breakfast dishes I’ve ever had!

Tofu scramble with mushrooms, sautéed tomato’s and sprouts make it a real treat if you’re after something incredibly satisfying.

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24 May 2022
A wonderful and filling croissant with tomato, mushrooms, avo & tofu

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