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Poke Bowl

by Wildsprout


4.53 (6)

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27 April 2022
I loved this poke bowl.

The flavours worked really well together - the sweeteness of the pineapple, fiery ginger, crispy fried onion and then the lemon tahini sauce. So healthy and tasty, super fresh ingredients. Wildsprout has loads of awesome wholefood vegan options so I will definitely be back to try more!

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7 November 2022


There are also PLENTY of VG options on their new menu.

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21 May 2022
Lovely fresh ingredients, with a yummy peanut dressing.

I would have like more dressing, as there wasn't enough to coat everything. Loved the addition of the pineapple!

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7 November 2022
Tamari tofu, edamame, cucumber, carrot ribbons, avo, pineapple, pickled ginger, quinoa, radish, crispy onions and

a ginger miso tahini dressing. Super nutritious. My body thanked me big time afterwards ๐Ÿ˜

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21 November 2022
Beautifully presented , nutritionally balanced with sufficient protein healthy fat and healthy carbs and a

touch of the unexpected in the form of pickled ginger and a lovely peanut sauce on the cucumber and carrots.

The restaurant setting is lovely, the staff was very friendly and the decaf cappuccino with oat milk was delicious!

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20 February 2023
A proper bowl of health right here.

Tamari tofu, edamame, carrot, cucumber, pineapple, avo, quinoa, ginger, radish, onion, coriander and garlic miso tahini dressing. A bit pricey at R120 but super tasty and filling ๐ŸŒฑ

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