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  • Vegan Croissant with Scrambled Tofu
  • Vegan Croissant with Scrambled Tofu

Vegan Croissant with Scrambled Tofu

by Wildsprout


4.68 (8)

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25 September 2022
This could easily be one of the most delicious and generous vegan breakfasts I've had.

The croissant was crammed with creamy tofu scramble, grilled mushroom, roasted Rosa tomatoes and topped with half an avo.
Clearly this restaurant knows how to do vegan meals and it's not just a matter of flinging avo toast or something mundane on the menu for the vegans.
The restaurant has a shop with lots of vegan produce too so it's well worth a visit. I'll definitely go back to Wildsprout.

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Price: R125=$7.65 (Ubereats). R109 in-store. Luckily had a R25 discount on the app. This sounded

really pricey for a croissant but it was quite big and nice. Might consider it once in a while.

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Ooh, this was really nice and filling - moist scrambled tofu with rosa tomatoes, avocado

and mushrooms (I don't eat mushrooms so mine was without). Added some hot chilli, and it was perfect. It was a weekend special so it's not on the menu but I would have it again if it were.

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This will definitely be my go to for brunch! Totally delicious, substantial and worth every

penny. Throw in a decaf latte with their homemade almond milk and you are set for the day.

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The most incredible breakfast!! Beautiful soft croissant with delicious tofu scramble. Amazing flavors and so


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another phenomenal breakfast! superrr tasty. amazing flavors, textures, and presentation. the cafe itself is sooo

cute too! great for working.

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