Toasted Superfood Vegan Sarmie

by Wildsprout
4.40 (8)
  • Is Toasted Superfood Vegan Sarmie vegan? Yes! Toasted Superfood Vegan Sarmie is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN

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Most helpful reviews

Very tasty. Not your ordinary sarmie. Highly recommend this for a great breakfast or brunch.

A delicious open sandwich with falafels, beetroot hummus, avo, spinach, hemp seeds and baobab Mayo.

On sour dough. Excellent!

“Beetroot hummus, falafels, hemp seeds, baby spinach, avo, bayo Mayo and sprouts” - I had

this lovely little sarmy on the rye bread. The avo was plentiful and the hummus delicious! Overall the meal was a little on the sweeter side, but pleasant. I would have loved a bit more crispiness/crunch on the falafel, but still super tasty and filling 🙌🏼

Loved this open sandwich from Wild Sprout. 🥪
Beetroot hummus, falafels, hemp seeds, baby spinach,

tons of avo, Mayo and sprouts on rye.
Not bad for R85.
Absolutely delicious 💃🏻

Ordered online and think it moved around lots while being transported. I eat with my

eyes first so I was kind of put off. I’ve had this a few times before and to be honest it’s alright but not worth the price. It is filling but lacks flavour and the sauce used on the avo is sweet, think salty would work better 🥪

10/10! Toasted superfood sarmie from Wild Sprout hits the spot. (Beet hummus, avo, falafel, sesame

seeds on sourdough). Super filling and nutritious. Great balance of flavor and everything is super fresh. Great lunch option.

This is some wholesome food - superrr filling. Falafals with avo on sourdough (and obvs

a lot of other goodies too).

Tried the toast food super sarmie and was not disappointed! What a beautiful spot

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