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  • Waffle (with hazelnut r'ice cream)
  • Waffle (with hazelnut r'ice cream)

Waffle (with hazelnut r'ice cream)

by WellSmoocht


4.68 (8)

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17 March 2019
Vegan Waffles and the best Chocolate hazelnut ice cream ever! #crf

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I cannot eat chocolate sauce, and the extremely friendly employee kindly substituted chocolate sauce with

a sprinkle of cranberries for me. This is one of the 3 places that offer vegan waffles - Belgian waffles that is only faintly sweet on its own, extremely crispy on the outside and very fluffy on the inside even after being smothered all over with ice cream. It pairs very well with ice creams that are more nutty - my personal favourite is this hazelnut ice cream, which actually isn’t bitter (like hazelnut) AT ALL. If you haven’t had the hazelnut ice cream here, you HAVE to try it - Super addictive and Super nutty but not overwhelming.

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[Waffles and ice cream, $8]
Think waffles with the perfect oxymoron of crisp exterior to

soft insides, a satisfying crunch paired with veritably fluffy dough. Chose nutella ice cream and damn was it good, creamy and luscious and thick and sweet. Topped generously with chocolate sauce and almonds. Made fresh to order, there are zero criticisms of this dish. If you have not tried Brownice, I recommend doing so immediately. Vegan waffles and ice cream are a surefire to immensely improve your life.

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the waffle is made fresh and crunchy! plenty of r'ice cream flavours to pick from.

this is suuper filling too so its good to share among 2-4 people

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Puffff I would eat thousands of this. Great taste and the ice-cream was also very

tasty, for the price, this is awesome.

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