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This pizza has marinated tempeh crumbles, gherkins, tomatoes, and onions with housemade cashew cream sauce,

vegan cheese, white truffle oil and greens. I totally enjoyed this pizza. The cheese that they used was the same as the one on their nachos. I like that you get a good variety of ingredients on this pizza.

Nutritional yeast, tomato purée, tempeh cubes, cherry tomatoes halves, gherkins, lettuce & a subtle hint

of white truffle oil ($18.90). Protein-rich & hearty! Pizza base is that thin, crispy, biscuit-like kind! #pizza #sgpizza

I was properly surprised at how flavorful the pizza was! I like how the sides

were really crispy and the tempeh also gave it extra texture. Though it did feel like the pizza kept sticking to my front tooth whenever I bite, it might just be something interesting I noticed LOL I’m glad that the truffle taste was subtle and very complementary to the dish - there were some truffle dishes I had before that were unnecessarily overpowering so this one was just nice. Beside the food, service was pleasant too! You can remove onions if you’re not a fan of it.


Yummy pizza. Love the tempeh. Very cheesy.
Mild truffle which I like. Wish it had

more toppings. Other images made it look more loaded (hehe)! Avoid the raw onions though.

Not bad overall, just a tad ex with not much flavor other than truffle. That

said, the truffle sauce was good. Kinda gelak after a while though so good to share with other people. #veganisnotscary

i loved the truffle cheezeburger pizza, the combination of the truffle taste, nacho cheeze sauce

and the marinated tempeh crumble was amazing, and they all tasted so good together!!

A very interesting pizza. Tempeh, gherkins, tomatoes and onions with their signature cashew cheeze and

white truffle oil, so good! 😋

$18.50 and perfect to share btwn 2 people!!! Smell of truffle was really strong but

personally i couldnt really taste it? :-( the cashew cheese was not bad, first time having it and quite enjoyed it!!! Pretty generous with the toppings, the tempeh was lowkey like chicken, and the crust is thin and good to bite into! Really wanna try their brunch plate next time!

This pizza was incredible. The tempeh was so meat-like, absolutely sumptuous, and the vegan cheese

sauce incredible. The dough & crust as well was incredible. 10/10 would recommend

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