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  • You Mush Love Me Grilled PUNini
  • You Mush Love Me Grilled PUNini

You Mush Love Me Grilled PUNini

by Well Loft


4.59 (34)

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9 May 2021
Vegan sandwiches can be yummy too!!
You mush love me! Yes I do ❤️ you hahaha!

vegan cheese 🧀 so nice 👍🏻, the mushroom is great too but a bit salty but it went well with the preserved vegetables!
Good to see so many new yummy dishes in vegan restaurant 😍


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You can’t beat a toasty! The focaccia is lovely and herby and the cheese and

mushroom compliment each other so well. As with the other paninis the side is the pickled veg which adds a nice sharpness and crunch to the dish 😋

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I swear I was sworn once I took a bite out of this mushroom panini.

It was really good though the cheese makes it a little salty but I balanced it with their side of pickles which makes it enjoyable to the palate! Knowing my appetite, I topped up with their olive sesame Beancurd strips for additional protein content (review on previous post). The panini came served warm and toasted (really good for a rainy day) and had me craving for it even until today. I wish they are open on more days so that it's more convenient for me to head down and try their other paninis! #veganuary #veganuary2021

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Juicy shrooms and gooey cheeze sandwiched between soft herby focaccia that was nicely toasted on

the outside. I found the combo of vegan cheddar and house-made cashew cheeze a tad salty but when eaten with the pickled slaw, the flavors balanced out and it kind of reminded me of a vegan Reuben sandwich. Yummeh!

#veganin2020 day 3
64 #daystreak

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Another dish that I loved from here! The cashew cheese on the nachos was 👩‍🍳💋.

However I think it might not be for everyone! It was a very distinct taste, but I personally enjoyed it. The panini tasted really good too, you can’t go wrong with a vegan cheese + mushroom combi.

#veganisnotscary #9090challenge

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This was SOOOOO GOOD! like I couldn’t believe this dish is vegan! The cheese in

the panini and those mushrooms are such wonderful combinations! Love the nachos as well! Great job! #abillionturns3 💚💚💚

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The calamansi chili potatoes sounded better than they tasted, I could hardly pick out any

notes of calamansi. But the potatoes were done to perfection, not too crunchy or too mushy, which not many restaurants can get right. The panini itself was really good. There was some cheesy/mayo-ey sauce in it that added depth to the flavour, but I couldn't figure out what went into the sauce. The pickled vegetables were all right but were a little too sour. 5 stars originality for the cheeky name of the dish

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